Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sorry about this!!!

I dont mean to keep changing stuff up on ya, but I have a real reason to this time (more than one) that I'll put on the new protected blog. Its invite only, so if you've been reading this one & want in on it, please email me. Thanks!

Friday, October 2, 2009


So last night I dreamed about visiting my best friends family... I don't remember much of the dream other than it being unsettling. Its been at the back of my mind today, but too much to do to dwell on it...

Until her sister posted a recent article she wrote online. Very good article and I'm glad she posted it... But when she talked about her sis... I went straight back to feeling like the worst friend ever. I still wish I could go back and change those last few years, those last few weeks even... I miss her.

Ok gonna try to stop crying now & get back to cleaning.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Sorry I really just haven't felt up to posting.

On the other blog its due to still not being able to say anything despite my MIL knowing... Now he's dragging his feet about calling his grandparents... who actually read the blog! I started to put something up on there and had to take it off when I realized how bad that would be.

On here... I have no idea. LOL Combination of things prob. Morning sickness has hit hard... Today's pretty good... but still, was rough for awhile. I have way too much to do that just isn't getting done. And we were out almost the whole past two days lol.

Besides I'm annoyed at not beign able to post on the other... I think that's the main point. I've just gone on strike until I can say something lol. I'm thinking about posting about our errands the last two days... but really... part of me just doesn't want too.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Seriously thank you to anyone who was praying over the MIL situation...

Once again it got put off... We were gonna tell her yesterday, but my FIL suggested we wait until after we see the midwife and my hubby didn't tell me until I had already figured out that we weren't having her over....

Well he just called, said he told her at work & her reaction was "Congrats & hope you're happy"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Unfortunately I can't get into the most pressing questions on my mind right now... Those of you who know the situation know why... But lets just say the more things are falling into place the more questions I have about it. At first I felt really bad about that... but not any more. Disappointed? Yes. Naive? Yes. A bit... Confused? Definately. Worried? Yeah... Very unsure of how to handle it, but glad I'm not directly involved.

Unfortunately the worst bit of it is I think it affects a situation I posted about in the past... Upside being, hopefully that will get resolved..

Anyways... Sorry for being so vague. But this whole situation brings to mind another that's currently going on & I need some advice about.

I have a friend who recently got married. For awhile now they've been dieting (not like the crazy ones, but eating healthier) and working out like crazy. The girl is on birth control. I'm not going to go off on that lol, we've discussed it and agreeing to disagree there... but anyways... The other day she mentioned to me that quite a few people are asking if she's pregnant. She's really upset by this because she's on the pill and they aren't planning to get pg for quite awhile and she swears she's not, that she's just got a fat tummy.

Well the next day my husband brought it up to me... We're completely on the same page with this... I don't want to say anything and piss her off but it is starting to worry me. She looks pregnant. Everything else (as my husband put it) is tightening up and getting smaller, but her stomach is growing.

Maybe I've watched too many episodes of "I didn't know I was pregnant" lol.. but I'm really hoping that doesn't happen to her. Hubby said he's gonna bring it up to her husband and let them know that you dont always "miss your period" or have typical symptoms and that it can happen on the pill... I know they know that last part, but still. It worries me that she might be hiding her head in the sand on the subject. I figured she might take it better coming from him, but I'm still unsure if I should say anything or what to say if she asks me....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to the Good News

On an entirely diff note... mostly because I want to get my mind of shit...

I know I posted about it (shortly) yesterday... but my husband got the conversion thing at work. So insurance, raise, paid vacation & money back on our internet here we come lol.

Is extremely good news... We were extremely happy about it... are extremely happy about it.

Now if only other stuff would go away... Like morning sickness, bad memories, MIL's, etc... LOL

That's What I Get For Trying...

Warning - you know who you are... You prob don't want to read this. Feel free to skip it. Please. I honestly will feel bad if you don't lol.

Not going into detail because I dont really think it needs to be said/gone over again... but I feel like crap right now because I tried to help out a friend. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut... But no I couldn't do that and now other people who want to think about stuff less than I do are being pulled back into that whole mess and I feel horrible about that. I feel like its my fault this time even though I didn't want to bring it up... and on top of it all I know we're gonna be made out as liars if we haven't been already.

So yeah... That's what I get for caring about what happens to my friends...